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Health and Safety: Our number one operational priority


Our People: Dedicated to hiring, training, motivating and retaining inspired employees 


Wellness (Diet and Nutrition): Working with our clients to develop customized wellness programs to achive their goals


Responsible Supply Chains: Managing responsible supplier relationships and delivering superior food quality


Environment: Operating within sustainable parameters, always learning new ways to to do this 


Communities: Positively contributing to the communities in which we operate. Partnering with our clients on sustainability initiatives that serve their communities.



Elite Cuisine is always eager to partner with our clients on their sustainability initiatives.


 Sources say losses of managed honey bee colonies hit 42.1 percent from April 2014 through April 2015, so this opportunity was especially exciting to support. 


Elite Cuisine's Chef Kyle is dedicated to great food, wellness and sustainability. He was part of a Bee Colony project in Times Square atop the InterContinental Hotel, and is ready to lead the initiative to manage a new Bee Colony in Kansas City. The result will be fresh local honey with its many health benefits for Kyle's recipes. In addition, this initiative will provide a new colony of bees to help pollinate the crops and flowers of the region!



  1. Our expertise in Food Service Management.

  2. Creating a "listening culture" or standard for our clients through our Client Restaurant Board of Directors focus groups.

  3. Customization of our programs throught data and feedback from our Client Restaurant Board of Directors focus groups.

  4. Providing great customer service through our dedicated associates following our Training and Awards Programs.

  5. Maintaining our passion for great food with culinary talent and purchasing top quality food.

  6. Our dediation to work with our clients on Wellness initiatives to help them achieve their goals.

  7. Our integrity and transparency of accounting pratices and automation, fully accessible to our subsidized accounts.

  8. Our eMart (Micro Mart) Program, drives wellness and productivity for our clients.

  9. Our eagernes to partner with our clients on their sustainability initiatives.

  10. Elite Cuisine serves as your single source provider for all points of service.

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